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Our Stallions

Oak Bay Salsamio

2004 AMHA/AMHR  Chestnut Stallion  |  75% Arenosa

Bristol Pepito  x  Rivenburghs Supreme Bailar

Limited Breedings Available for 2022

Salsamio. I get asked often where that name came from. Salsa refers to the Latin Dance and Mio is my. Salsa's mom is Bailar, which is also referencing a dance. So having "My Dance" seemed an appropriate name for this chestnut colt. Well, since Salsa is also a red condiment, choosing Salsamio seemed to cover all bases!  This amazing stallion is the cornerstone of the breeding program at Oak Bay Acres. His World Champion get are now located all over the World. Salsamio, yes you are My Dance!!

Kokanee Chilliwack

2016 AMHA/AMHR Silver Dapple Stallion |  50% Arenosa

Buckeye WCF Papooso Braveheart x  Silver Birchs Aurora

Chili-124 fin.jpg


I looked for a long time to find the perfect stallion to breed my Salsa daughters to. I wanted to buy Braveheart, but he wasn't for sale, then I found this stunning son of his. Chillie has just the right blend of Arenosa and miniature, and this cross should produce foals that will continue to improve the breed.  

Establo Martini On The Rocks (ASPC/AMHR)

Spirit Thunder Martini On The Rocks (AMHA)

2004 ASPC/AMHR/AMHA Chestnut Stallion  |  95% Arenosa

Bristol Juan Rio  x  Sundance LB Mariah

10/9/20004  -  4/20/2022

Marti -319 fin (1) (1).jpg

Owned in Partnrship with Casey & Kelly Campell and Jack & Charlene Palmer

Sadly, this amazing stallion passed away April 20,2022. 

When invited to join in the partnership of Marti there was never any question on my part. Marti and Salsa have a long history together, as they were both shown on the AMHR circuit together and basically went back and forth between first and second place. Marti is TRIPLE REGISTERED and is a grandson of Kewpies Paposa of Arenosa. Marti is the the 2005 National Champion Halter yearling stallion and undefeated area 8 yearling stallion and has earned his Hall of Fame.  He has proved himself as a sire of outstanding show winning offspring. 

Bristol Pepito

1999 ASPC/AMHR/AMHA Chestnut Stallion |  100% Arenosa

Kewpies Paposa Of Arenosa  x  Lasca Kewpie Of Arenosa


After many years of breeding mares at Oak Bay Acres, Pepito has moved to an exciting new home in Idaho with Debbie Emory, where he will meet a whole new band of mares  Pepito is TRIPLE REGISTERED and is line bred Kewpies El Monterey of Arenosa, through his HOF sire, Kewpies Paposa of Arenosa. Pepito is the the 2000 National Champion Halter yearling stallion and undefeated area 8 yearling stallion.  He has proved himself as a sire of outstanding show winning offspring such as Oak Bay Salsamio, 2013 AMHA World Show Get of Sire winner, Rivenburghs Maria, multiple Supremes, and Quail Runs Ticket to the Future HOF, just to name a few. 

Grosshill Dandy Special Edition

1998 AMHR/AMHA Buckskin Stallion

Rhotens Little Dandy  x  NFCS Duchess Silhouette

Sadly, our amazing Eddie passed away in 2018. He will always be remembers as one of the most amazing sons of Rhotens Little Dandy. His get can be seen winning in the show ring today. We miss you Mr. Ed!!!


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