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No home is complete without the pitter patter of pigs feet!

Megyn and Wilbur finally meet!

Emily and Wilbur spending a day in the sunshine.

Just a Tiny Tike loving his blanket!

Hard to believe he was smaller than his can of Oatmeal!!!!

Into the Frying Pan! Better than the fire!

Even the Wyoming police thing Wilbur is special!

Somewhere in Wyoming sometime in the middle of the night - No officer, it is not a baby squealing!!


The cutest little guy you will ever see! Just six weeks old!

Not quite a "dead pig" in the sunshine!! Happy Boy!

Every good Pig gets to go to the Stars Party at the World Show with their best friend.

Finally meeting his most loyal admirer - Ann Dwyer!

Ann Dwyer and Wilbur - Finally meeting!!!

With best friend Coco at the 2015 World Show

Yes, he can jump on the bed, and yes he does sleep there!!

Happy Sunshine Pig!!!!

Loving the outdoors!

Do I have him too stretched in this photo by Kelly Campbell ?

He measured in at the Northwest Miniature Horse Show!!

I can sit up just like Coco!!!

I don't root - really - I just eat the grass !!

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Lovable & Hugable


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