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Our Mares


Wingates Dark N Dramatic

2016  AMHA/AMHR Black Mare  |  Establo Martini On The Rocks  x  Rivenburghs Jess Elegant Erica

Drama is a beautiful black mare sired by Establo Martini On the Rocks and out of Rivenburghs Jess Elegant Erica. She is a multiple World Champion Single Pleasure driving horse whose elegance in motion has captured the hearts of many.



Oak Bay Bristol Harlequin

5/24/2020  AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Filly  |  Bristol Pepito  x  Oak Bay Salsas Spooktacular


Spooky and Pepito have exceeded my expectations! This colorful filly is not only well marked, she is put together like the champion she will become. Harley is also a big moving girl, so she has a future in the driving arena as well.

Oak Bay Branded A Bandit By Josie

2015  AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Mare |  Rivenburghs Outlaw Josie Wales  x  Los Arboles Moonlight Frost


Brandi was sold as a yearling, but has come back to join the herd at Oak Bay Acres. This stunning, refined Josie daughter will be producing some amazing foals!

Rivenburghs Supreme Bailar

2000 AMHA/AMHR Mare  |  Flaby Supreme  x  Bristol Mariposa


Bailar is the mother of our stallion, Oak Bay Salsamio.  She is a big mover with refinement and a beautiful head and eye.  Bailar is 50% Arenosa.  She puts her extreme movement and small size on all of her foals. We have retained her Jessie filly for our breeding program.

Oak Bay Robbin The Bank With Josie

2015 AMHA/AMHR Pinto Filly  |  Rivenburghs Outlaw Josie Wales  x  Oak Bay Salsas Shadow Dancer


Another outstanding pinto filly from Josie! Robbin has the best of both Josie and Salsa, and is a spectacular filly. She is correct and very upheaded. Robin is a multiple World Champion Country driving horse with a great future ahead of her.


Oak Bay Rhapsody In Blue

2001 AMHA/AMHR Mare  |  Little Kings Buck King  x  West Coast Tricks N Tactics


Dynamic Blue Roan Buckeroo Granddaughter. Blue was shown as a filly and did well in the Northwest. She is refined and elegant. She has had many outstanding foals for us over the years and is currently in foal to Kokanee Chilliwack.


Buttonwillows Lunar Eclipse

2001 AMHA/AMHR Mare  | Jess Rocky Rabbit  x  Buttonwillows Crystals Jewel


Everyone who comes to Oak Bay Acres loves Eclipse. Her unique black & white markings with her half white and half black face make her stand out in the crowd. Thanks, Mike, for allowing us to purchase her! Eclipse is the mother of the World Grand Champions Oak Bay Salsa Caliente, Oak Bay Salsas New Moon, Oak Bay Salsa Chipotle, Oak Bay Salsas Ring of Fire, Oak Bay Salsas Silverado and Oak Bay Salsas American Pharaoh.


Bristol Mariposa

1994 AMHA/AMHR Mare  |  Marks Special Edition  x  Kewpies Elena of Arenosa


This treasured mare from the breeding program of Nancy Rivenburgh brings so much history and prestige to Oak Bay Acres. Mariposa is the mother of such greats as Rivenburghs Roll The Dice SE,  Rivenburghs Jerimiah Johnson, and the mother of our breeding stallion, Rivenburghs Supreme Bailar. She has been retired this year and is living the life she deserves.


Oak Bay Bristol Angelica

2019 ASPC/AMHR/AMHA Palomino Mare  |  Bristol Pepito  x  Legal Limits Of LTF


Angelica is a pretty triple registered palomino mare sired by Bristol Pepito. She has matured right at 34" and will be a treasured broodmare. 

Oak Bay Jessies Macarena

2010 AMHA/AMHA Mare  |  McCarthys Jesse James Of Rivenburgh  x  Rivenburghs Supreme Bailar


Our little Macarena is all grown up now and has joined our brood mare band. This is one of the most beautiful fillies around. She is a paternal sister to Josie and she and Salsa share the same mother. Macarena moves like a graceful deer. She puts huge movement on her foals, and they are making their name in both the halter and driving arenas. 

Grahams Lady In Black

2001 AMHA/AMHR/ASPC Mare  |  Kewpies Classic Mucho Of Arenosa  x  Grahams Little Tennille


I was thrilled when this mare came up for sale! She is a maternal sister to Ragtime, and has given us the kind of foals Champions are made of. Her daughter, Salsas Lady In Red, won several unanimous titles at the 2014 National Show. I did not think it was possible, but her 2016 colt by Salsa is even better than Lady In Red!!! Her first triple colt by Pepito is more than we could ask for. We look forward to more foals by this great mare.


Rivenburghs Torcelana SE

2004 AMHA/AMHR Mare   |  Grosshill Dandys Special Edition  x  Kewpies Elana Of Arenosa


Tori is one of those mares that I have longed for ever since she was born. Nancy finally agreed to sell her to me, and I can't thank her enough for trusting me with this prized mare. Tori is a multiple grand and supreme halter mare and is one of the daughters of Eddie that we have retained on our farm. Her foals are big movers, elegant and refined. 



Oak Bay Breaking News

2019 AMHA/AMHR Chestnut Pinto Mare   |  D&S Fast Break  x  Oak Bay Salsas Supreme Silhouette


Breezy is a beautiful liver chestnut pinto daughter of D&S Fast Break and has inherited amazing movement from both her sire and her big moving dam.  Currently in driving training and soon to be out on the show curcuit.

Oak Bay Salsas Supreme Silhouette

2013 AMHA/AMHR Pinto Mare  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Rivenburghs Supreme Midge


Silly, as we call her, is a full sister to Oak Bay Salsas Designer Genes. She is that same deep, mahogany color that is so striking. She was shown lightly as a two year old, then came home to join the broodmare band. 


Oak Bay Salsas Spooktacular

2013 AMHA/AMHR Mare  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Sir I Told U Twice


Spooky was born on Halloween, so naming her Spooktacular was almost a given. Especially when you have a 6 year old helping you name horses! She is an amazing, upheaded little filly with the most delightful personality. Talk about attitude - Spooky is the definition of attitude! In 2015 Spooky was awarded the title of Grand Champion 2 year old Mare at the AMHA World Show. 


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