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Horses Sold

Oak Bay KC Crystalline

 5/19/2020  AMHA/AMHR Silver Pinto Filly

Kokanee Chilliwack  x  Oak Bay Salsas Momma Mia

This second filly by Chillie is very elegant and refined. She should mature around 33" and will be definitely noticed in the show ring. Her pinto marking is minimal - but it is there!!!




Oak Bay Salsas Blueprint


Oak Bay Salsamio x  Oak Bay Rhapsody In Blue

Blueprint is a full brother to the multi World Champion Stallion, Oak Bay Extreme Possibility. He is small, upright and very correct. Expected to mature well under 34", he will make an excellent show horse and future herd stallion. Blueprint is for sale. 



Oak Bay Salsas Wind In The Willows


Oak Bay Salsamio x  Buckeye WCF Paposa Uno Bay

Willow is a refined, elegant daughter of Salsa who will excel in both the showring and as a broodmare. She is out of the beautiful bay Paposo daughter WCF Paposa Uno Bay. This filly is being offered way below her value.

SOLD ~ Congratulations to her new owners!

Oak Bay KC Coraline

5/6/2020  AMHA/AMHR Chestnut Pinto Filly

Kokanee Chilliwack  x  Oak Bay Salsas Supreme Silhouette

Chillie's first foal for us is a beautiful chestnut filly. She is so correct, with a beautiful head and kind eye. We are very pleased with his first foal, and hope to have more next year!! 



Oak Bay Bristol Mandalorian


Bristol Pepito x  The Eyes Have It of HHP

This incredible Triple registered colt by Pepito is getting prettier by the day. He is going to mature about 36" and will definitely make his mark in both the show ring and the breeding shed.


Oak Bay Salsas Con Fuega

2014 AMHA/AMHR Filly  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Rivenburghs Supreme Midge


Midge's last baby and she is an amazing finale to this wonderful mare's legacy of Champion foals. Her long legs and long hooked neck are simply beautiful.  Connie will be retained for our breeding program and she will bred to Ace in 2017.

SOLD~ Congratulations to her owners!

Oak Bay Salsas Crown Jewel

2014 AMHA/AMHR Pinto Filly  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Buttonwillows Rocky Empress


Purchasing Eclipse's full sister has proven to be a great move! Her black and white filly by Salsa is exquisite. Jewel has the tiniest muzzle and the prettiest head. Her short back, strong hip and "Salsa Hook" will make her a winner. She is a big mover with refinement and a beautiful head and eye. 

SOLD ~ Congratulations to her new owners! 

Oak Bay Jess Notoriously Late

2016 AMHA | AMHR Chestnut Pinto Mare 

McCarthys Jesse James of Rivenburgh  x  Rivenburghs Torcelana SE

This beautiful daughter of the famous Jesse James took her time making her apprearance in this world. She finally decided to arrive one year and one week late! She is a well balanced, elegant mare. She sells with both her AMHA and AMHR papers. She is 34" tall as a two year old. 



Oak Bay Expos Hiding In The Snow

2017 AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Mare |  AMHA and AMHR  

Mountain Meadows Bey Explosion  x  Los Arboles Hawks Moonlight Frost

Heidi is the first and so far only foal of Mountain Meadows Bey Explosion. To say this filly is exceptional would be an understatement. She has the most amazing disposition and attitude of any foal I have ever raised. She LOVES people and attention, and has received all of her training from my 8 year old granddaughter, Megyn. She walks, whoas on command, turns on command - just eats up whatever Megyn decides to teach her. To top it off she has great conformation and moves like her single pleasure sire!


Oak Bay Salsas Symphony

2017 AMHA/AMHR MARE  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Buckeye WCF Paposo Uno Bey

Symphony is a full sister to the Supreme winner Oak Bay Salsas Seraade, owned by Brooke Parsley. She is a stunning, deep black filly who is very upright with a shapely neck and the "Salsa" hook. She is an amazing moving horse like her sister, and should excel in both halter and driving. A sweet filly with tons of personality, Symphony will be an asset to any show string or breeding program.


Oak Bay Aces Divinity


Avantes Chasing The Ace  x  Oak Bay Salsas Supreme Silhouette

Devon was the Ace son I had planned on keeping, but program changes are forcing me to part with him. This is one of Ace's most elegant sons. Expected to mature under 30", If you are looking for small and correct, this is the one for you!


Oak Bay Aces Alexis


Avantes Chasing The Ace  x  Oak Bay Salsas Shadow Dancer

Alexis is our first foal from the cross of Salsa and Ace. She is a very well balanced filly, with personality and great movement. Her mother is a Salsa daughter who could have been a show horse but chose the job of motherhood instead. This is a quality, well bred filly.



Oak Bay Salsas Cassiopeia

2016 AMHA/AMHR Chestnut Filly  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Avantes Aces Halo

Talk about gorgeous in a small package! Cassie is sired by the World Grand producing sire, Oak Bay Salsamio, and out of a daughter of Avantes Chasing The Ace, a multiple National and World champion. Standing at only 30", Cassie will mature right around 32". This filly is destined to follow in her siblings footsteps with her long, hooked neck, high set tail on her level toppling, and her gorgeous face accented with large doe eyes.


Oak Bay Salute To Salsa


Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Buttonwillows Lunar Eclipse

There have been several full siblings to Salute that have made their mark in the miniature horse industry. Caliente, Chipotle, Bella, Silverado, Pharaoh, just to name a few. Salute will make the same splash in the show ring. He is currently the project of my 10 year old granddaughter, Emily. He has learned his halter and leading lessons and looks forward to  whenever Emily comes out for the next session. 



Oak Bay Salsas A Cut Above

2016 AMHA/AMHR  Colt  |  AMHA and AMHR  Futurity Nominated

Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Grahams Lady In Black

Cutter has it all! He is incredibly upright, has the hook in his neck, has a tiny, dished head with huge eyes, great ears and this is all topped off by a long, strong hip. This boy will definitely go to the top in the showring! His full sister, Oak Bay Salsas Lady In Red, who is a unanimous National Grand Champion, now lives in France with Cedric de la Buise and is a treasured part of his amazing breeding program.


Oak Bay Salsas Stiletto

2017 AMHA/AMHR  Black Filly

Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Sir I Told U Twice

What can I say about this filly! Definitely the star of this year's filly crop! Not only is she stunning to look at, she also moves like a dream! Stella got her name from her high white hind socks contrasting against her jet black body, making her look like she is wearing stilettos. This filly is upright and elegant! Her full sister, Salsas Spooktacular, is a World Champion and I expect no less from Stella!



Oak Bay Aces Amelia Earhart


Avantes Chasing The Ace  x  Oak Bay Salsas Spooktacular

This is the tiniest, most correct filly I have ever raised. Amelia stands less than 20 inches at 6 months of age. She is quite unbelievable. She is sweet and beautiful, and I really see her future as a therapy horse. Her small size will allow her to go about anywhere, and her beauty and personality will be a tribute to the miniature horse.



Oak Bay Aces Amaretto


Avantes Chasing The Ace  x  Oak Bay Jessies Macarena

Amaretto is a daughter of our second Jessie James daughter, Macarena. She is jet black with no white markings. She is mature small like her mother, around 32 ". This filly is a moving machine! She is exceptionally well balances and correct. She has a huge hook in her neck, and her sires exceptional head and eye. I expect her to make a significant contribution to the miniature horse industry, and to carry forth her sire's legend.



Oak Bay Branded A Bandit By Josie

2015 AMHA/AMHR Filly  |  Rivenburghs Outlaw Josie Wales  x  Los Arboles Hawks Moonlight Frost

Brandy is one of the very few Rivenburghs Outlaw Josie Wales fillies in the United States, let along one being offered for sale. She is Nighthawk bred on her dam's side, which makes this young mare very well bred all the way around. Brandy would make a great addition to any breeding program while staying well under 34"



Oak Bay Salsas Chimmichurri

2014 AMHA | AMHR Silver Mare 

Oak Bay Salsamio x  Oakcrest Tiffany Rose

Chimmi is in foal with her second baby. She is carrying the last foal of Avantes Chasing The Ace. This is a surprise foal - she was in with Ace before he died and we didn't know she had been bred. She is a lovely, well bred mare.


Oak Bay Salsas Remarkable

2013 AMHA/AMHR Stallion  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Alamos Sirs Silver N Pearls


Mark is out of our Call Me Sir Daughter, Pearl. This has proven to be a remarkable cross. Mark is refined and correct, with an exquisite head, huge eye, long neck with the Salsa hook and very correct legs. He has been shown successfully.


SOLD - Watch for Mark and Emily in the show ring in 2017.


Oak Bay Coppin Diamonds With Josie

2015 AMHA/AMHR Gelding  |  Rivenburghs Outlaw Josie Wales  x  Bonsai Run Lilly


With two perfect diamonds on his left side and a great lightening bolt on his right side he is going to be noticed in the show ring! Correct, refined and tons of attitude. His sire is none other than the Multiple National and World Champion Rivenburghs Outlaw Josie Wales 


SOLD - Congratulations to his new owners!


Oak Bay Salsas Aurora

2012 AMHA/AMHR Mare, 31.5"  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Oak Bay Haileys Comet 


Aurora is 65% Arenosa. She is very refined, elegant. Unfortunatly she is blind in one eye but still as sweet as can be. She has been exposed to Avantes Chasing The Aces but not ultrasounded.


SOLD - Congratulations to her new owners!  


Oak Bay Uno Knight Dreamer

2013 AMHA/AMHR Mare, 34"  |  First Knights Dare To Dream  x  Buckeye WCF Paposa Uno bay


Dreamer is a gentle, sweet three year old mare who has just been confirmed in foal to Oak Bay Salsamio for a 2017 foal. She is a lovely bay pinto and very correct. her mother is a direct daughter of Paposa. Her pedigree reads like a whos who in the miniature horse world.


SOLD - Congratulations Charlene! 

Oak Bay Salsas Royal Kiss

2015 AMHA/AMHR Filly  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Sir I Told U Twice


Here is a filly to rival her sister Spooky! Amazing head and ears on this refined, elegant little girl. She is destined for the Show Ring! Expect Grands and Supremes from her. Watch for her in the show ring on the West Coast with Casey!


Congratulations to Casey & Kelly Campbell of Wingate Training Center on your purchase of "Royal Kiss". 


Oak Bay Salsas Irresistible Design

2015 AMHA/AMHR Filly  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  HHP The Eyes Have It


This beautiful full sister to Enchanted Evening, Donatello and Cardinal Rule will give her siblings a run for their money in the show ring! Her dainty head and amazing ears set off her beautiful body and great hip.


Congratulations Tina Fisseler ~ She's a beauty! 

Oak Bay Salsa Supreme

2015 AMHA/AMHR Colt  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Columbia Graceful Supreme


I knew this cross with Gracie would work and it did! Grace's colt is very small and very typey. He is upright and has a long hooked neck. He learns quick and has an amazing personality.


Congratulations to Megan Hassan on your purchase of "Salsa Supreme".

Oak Bay Salsas Cabernet

2015 AMHA/AMHR Colt  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  RHA Mahogany Rose


I am totally blown away by this colt! By far the best foal Rose has had and that is saying a lot! Her first two foals were amazing, and this colt tops both of them. He is definitely a diamond in the rough, just waiting for his chance to take on the World!


Congratulations to Cameron Nelson!


Oak Bay Salsas American Pharaoh

2015 AMHA/AMHR Colt  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Buttonwillows Lunar Eclispe


This cross just never misses. Salsa and Eclipse have produced another outstanding colt! This amazing boy is a full brother to the World Champions Oak Bay Salsas Caliente and Oak Bay Salsas Chipotle. He will be a tough one to beat in the show ring.


Congratulations Charlene on your purchase of "American Pharaoh".


Oak Bay Salsas Sharper Image

2014 AMHA/AMHR Stallion  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Bonsai Run Lilly


Lilly had the cutest colt this morning!   She was cooperative enough to foal at 10:00am and both Megyn and Emily got to watch, then help dry the foal off.  He is AMHA and AMHR Futurity nominated. 


Congratulations to Robin and Olivia on your purchase "Sharper Image".


Oak Bay Salsas Moonlight Martini

2014 AMHA/AMHR Gelding  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Los Arboles Hawks Moonlight Frost


We have eagerly waited for two years to see the foal of this Nighthawk daughter and we are not disappointed! Marti has been gelded and is looking forward to becoming Mary's next CDE Champion.


Congratulations to Cranberry Mary - we will see you in the CDE winner circle!


Oak Bay Salsas Testarossa

2014 AMHA/AMHR Black Filly  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  RHA Mahogany Rose


This filly is the most amazing color I have seen on a miniature horse. She was born a deep dark mahogany and has turned black. Rosa is long legged with a tiny head, great ears and a long, hooked neck. She will be an asset to a breeding program after her show career is over.


Congratulations to Janet Day on her purchse of "Rossa".

Oak Bay Salsas Ace Of Hearts

2014 AMHA/AMHR Colt  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Avantes Aces Kiss Me Kate


This cross between Avantes Chasing The Ace and Salsa has proven to be just as successful as we thought! Ace is refined, leggy, and extremely upright. He has a great head and ears and straight, correct conformation.


Congratulations to Charlene Palmer on your purchase of "Ace" and his mom!


Oak Bay Salsas Supreme Flashdance

2014 AMHA/AMHR Colt  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Oak Bay Jessies Macarena


Flashdance is one of the leggiest foals we have had. He has a very cute, dished head and great ears. He is double Flabys Supreme, which makes him 75% Arenosa. He has great movement and a great attitude. 


Sold - Congratulations to Susan Brooks on your purchase of this stunning colt!

Oak Bay Salsas Next Request

2014 AMHA/AMHR Colt  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Easterbrooks Rhapsody In Red


Red was sweet enough to have this colt in the middle of a Saturday morning when Emily and Megyn were here to watch and help. This boy has legs that go for miles, and a wonderful dished head with a perfect blaze. Top that off wit four white socks and he is a winner in the making!


Sold ~ Congratulations Devlin on your purchase of "Salsas Next Request".

Oak Bay Salsas Cardinal Rule

2014 AMHA/AMHR Colt  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  HHP The Eyes Have It


This amazing colt will rival his siblings in the show ring. He has ears like no other - tiny, tipped, pointed just right. His head is delicate and his throatlatch is very tight with a long poll above it.


"Ruler" has joined the herd at Ravenwood Miniatures Horses. Congratulations to Craig Westergaard!

Oak Bay Salsas Storm Bringer

2014 AMHA/AMHR Gelding  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Grahams Lady In Black


Lady's second foal by Salsa. Storm Bringer has an amazing disposition. He is absolutely correct. He has been gelded and is living just around the corner. Sarah can expect many visits from us to see Stormy!


Congratulations Sarah on your purchase of "Salsas Storm Bringer".

Oak Bay Salsas Bella Luna

2014 AMHA/AMHR Filly  |  Oak Bay Salsamio  x  Buttonwillows Lunar Eclipse


Our long awited for baby from Eclipse has arrived! She joins Caliente, Bella, Chipotle and Silverado. This girl is pretty and sweet and has the makings of a champion!


Congratulations to Casey & Kelly Campbell of Wingate Training Center on your purchase of "Luna".



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