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     In 2003 I bought a lovely black Flabys Supreme daughter from Nancy Rivenburgh. She said she was including a breeding to either of the two stallions that she co-owned, Bristol Pepito and Grosshill Dandys Special Edition. Well, since I was her co-owner on Eddie I chose to send Rivenburghs Supreme Bailar to Pepito. The resulting foal is Oak Bay Salsamio.When Salsa was born I was so disappointed! I wanted a black horse like mom and instead I got a chestnut horse like dad! I asked Nancy "what am I going to do with another chestnut horse! I don't even like chestnuts!" She came to look at him and told me he was something special, despite his color. Now, did I believe her? The greatest mentor of my horse breeding career? Of course not, I thought she was only saying that so I would not feel bad. Little did I know how correct this amazing woman was and how wrong I was!


     My farrier, Helen Emory, was out to trim horses when Salsa was a weanling. I complained to her how I was disappointed I got a chestnut colt. She looked at me like I was crazy. So she made a deal with me. She would take the colt home, condition and train him, and bring him to our first show in April. If I still did not like him she would take him. I agreed and watched as Helen loaded the colt into her van next to all of her farrier equipment and drove down the drive way. Suddenly I missed him...all 30 inches of chestnut him!


April came and our first show in Elma Washington was being held. Helen had me sit on a bench with my eyes closed while she brought this colt over and stood him up. When she told me to open my eyes I nearly fell off the bench! All I can remember of that moment was saying OMG, OMG!! Standing in front of me was the most amazing horse I have ever laid eyes on. Suddenly I LOVED the chestnut color!

Salsa went on to win Supreme at our local shows and Reserve Champion Jr. Stallion at the AMHR Nationals. Unfortunately, we were unable to get him to the AMHA show that year. I guess the rest is history.


     I am in debt to Nancy Rivenburgh for guiding me along my chosen path of breeding miniature horses and to Helen Emory for believing in this amazing horse when I was just focused on his color. Without these two amazing women Oak Bay Acres would not be where we are today. So, Thank You from my heart Nancy and Helen!!!!!!

Salsa has gone on to produce some of the most beautiful and treasured horses in the miniature horse industry. Do I take credit for his success? No, I owe Nancy Rivenburgh, who has been my friend and mentor for 20 years, for where I am today. She also encouraged me to buy McCarthys Jesse James of Rivenburgh's first foal, HHP The Eyes Have It. Catty has produced such champions as Oak Bay Salsas Donetello, Oak Bay Salsas Enchanted Evening and Oak Bay Salsas Cardinal Rule. Without Nancy's insight and guidance there would be no Oak Bay horses in the Winners Circle on either the AMHA and AMJR circuits.


     I thank Nancy for sharing with me her amazing talent in breeding miniature horses. I thank her for being my mentor and friend. Oh, and by the way, she told me that breeding Avantes Chasing The Ace to my Salsa daughters might just produce the most amazing miniature horses the industry has ever seen. I am listening this time!!! Welcome to the herd Ace!!!!

Nancy, this one is for you!!!!

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