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Rivenburghs Supreme Bailar

2000 AMHA/AMHR Mare  |  Flabys Supreme  x  Bristol Mariposa  |  50% Arenosa



Bailar is the mother of our stallion, Oak Bay Salsamio.  She is a big mover with refinement and a beautiful head and eye.  Bailar is 50% Arenosa.  She puts her extreme movement and small size on all of her foals. We have retained her Jessie filly for our breeding program.

Sample Of Progeny

Oak Bay Skyes The Limit

 4/5/2020  AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Filly

Mountain Meadows Bey Explosion  x  Rivenburghs Supreme Bailar

This filly made it be known when she was just 2 days old that she wants to be a driving horse. She literally floats across the field with knee and hock action that is so sought after. Her great conformation will also help her become a champion halter mare.


Oak Bay Jess An Anniversary Gift

2011 AMHA/AMHR Black FIlly  |  Sired by McCarthys Jesse James Of Rivenburgh  |  50% Arenosa

Annie was born on what would have been my 40th wedding anniversary. In honor of my late husband, Kim, we have named her Anniversary Gift. She is quite an amazing gift indeed. She is exquisite in every way, from her sculpted head to her long, level hip.

Proudly owned by Junior Bear Ranch

Oak Bay Jessie Macarena

2010 AMHA/AMHR Black FIlly  |  Sired by McCarthys Jesse James Of Rivenburgh  |  50% Arenosa

Cattie has a new little sister born Saturday evening. She is black with a faint half moon on her exquisite forehead. She definitely has her mother's beautiful head and her father's long, upright neck. Bailar carried this filly an amazing 356 days. She was born needing her first hoof trim! This filly trots like a park horse! Macarena will remain with us as a show filly and future broodmare and is not for sale.


Retained by OAK BAY ACRES

Oak Bay Rivers Valentino

2010 AMHA/AMHR Black FIlly  |  Sired by Scott Creek River Wind

Bailar surprised us with a Valentine's Present this year. He will probably end up black, but right now he is steel grey with four white socks and a wild blaze. He will be registered both AMHA and AMHR and will be parent qualified. A good start to the 2009 foaling season!




Oak Bay Spirit Of Flash SE

2007 AMHA/AMHR Black FIlly  |  Sired by Grosshill Dandys Special Edition

Thursday, May 3rd started out great with the arrival of Hailey's filly at 3am. But by 8pm all of us here were devastated. We lost Paul and Karen's wonderful little stallion, W&LDs Cherokee Flash, that evening. As we were leaving the barn shortly after the vet left we found Bailar in labor, and in real trouble. Her filly had a front leg hooked over her neck and could not be born. Paul rescued the filly for us, and Flash's spirit was reborn minutes after he left this world. If not for Flash, we would have lost this filly. With our hearts breaking over the loss of Flash, we greeted this elegant filly in his name. Thank you, Flash, for your last gift to this world. You will always be remembered in the spirit of this filly.

Oak Bay Salsamio

2004 AMHA/AMHR Chestnut Stallion  |  Sired by Bristol Pepito  |  75% Arenosa


World Reserve Champion Get of Sire for 2012

World Grand Champion Get of Sire for 2013

World Top Futurity Sire for 2013





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