Oak Bay Salsas Storm Bringer
Oak Bay Salsamio x Grahams Lady In Black

2014 Silver Colt

Currently in Training with Erin Moore, True Vision Training


50% Arenosa Stallion
  Here is the second successful cross of Salsa and the Arenosa bred mare, Grahams Lady In Black. This colt is quite elegant, refined and correct. He has tiny tipped ears and a great, small head. He has the "Salsa Hook" that sets these colts apart.

Stormy's sire, Oak Bay Salsamio, is a multiple Grand and Supreme Halter Stallion on both the AMHA and AMHR show circuits.









Stormy is an elegant colt with amazing balance and very correct conformation. He should mature right about 34"


Stormy's full sister, Lady in Red, is winning Grands and Supremes with Casey Campbell in 2014. Stormy says he will follow in his big sister's hoofprints!


Oak Bay Salsas Storm Bringer


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